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Apple Patents Future VR Glasses


After the boom generated by the iPhone 7 keynote and all the new features it has brought with it, we must not forget that Apple does not stop working for a single minute . Not only in new generations of its devices, but also in other new products that if one day they reach the market they will surely revolutionize it.

Apple Patents Future VR Glasses
Apple Patents Future VR Glasses

More than a year ago we told you on iPadizate that Apple had registered a new patent related to virtual reality glasses. At that time everything seemed to point to the company working on a pair of glasses similar to Samsung’s Gear VR , but in the end nothing was heard about it again, until now.

Apple has recently been granted a patent for its first virtual reality device. Under the title “Head-Mounted Display Apparatus For Retaining A Portable Device With Display” , which would be something like a kind of device that is placed on the head to hold a portable device with display .

This patent describes a kind of virtual reality glasses very similar to the Gear VR , at least in concept. These glasses would be used to place the iPhone inside, but with some differences.

These Apple-patented VR glasses would have a compartment for inserting the iPhone, a dual lens and a sensor for Apple’s remote control to control the device and the smartphone built into it . Some people think that these VR glasses are not very attractive in terms of design, but it should not be forgotten that at the moment it is only a patent that serves to confirm that Apple is working in this field.

In addition, should these VR glasses become a reality in the future, their design may vary. But we must not forget that not all patents registered by Apple become reality, although these VR glasses could reach the market due to the great boom that is currently taking the virtual reality among users .


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