Apple patents an iPhone with “wrap-around screen” on all sides

The design of the iPhone changed forever a couple of years ago with a screen that was closer than ever to the edges of the device. This is a general trend in the smartphone market, most current devices rely on a tight panel and Apple has patented an even more extreme design .

This latest patent application approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office shows us a device that is all screen , literally. The screen of this iphonenvolves the entire device, both the edges and the back.

Apple patents an iPhone with “wrap-around screen” on all sides
Apple patents an iPhone with “wrap-around screen” on all sides

Apple has titled this patent “Electronic Device with Glass Housing”. But the proposed device is much more radical than that name implies. The front and back, both sides, and even the top and bottom of the phone are a single, uninterrupted, wrap-around display .

In addition to the very futuristic design, Apple also describes that the operating system would be perfectly suited , “_the main user interface can extend over a front side, one or more peripheral sides, and the back side of the device, this can allow icons to move across multiple surfaces as you slide, and can even allow icons or other graphical output to appear as a ribbon-like user interface that wraps around the device”.

Obviously for this concept to become a reality there are many challenges to be met . On one hand we don’t have any kind of physical button or hole in that screen, so placing the speakers, cameras or SIM card would be a big challenge. Of course, we don’t have a charging port either, although we already know that our days on the iPhone could be numbered.

We saw concepts that were close to this patent, although they left the back free of screens. No doubt it’s a spectacular design, but I sincerely believe that the technology is not yet ready for something like this to be manufactured .

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