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Apple patents an augmented reality windshield

Movements by Apple on vehicle-related products or services continue. The latest movement has been the patent for an augmented reality windshield that will allow us to see certain information without taking our eyes off the road.

Thanks to this new patent, the driver or the passenger will have the opportunity to visualize the navigator, make a video call through FaceTime or even detect biometric data of the occupants of the vehicle. Plus a number of other exciting new features.

Apple patents an augmented reality windshieldApple patents an augmented reality windshield

This patent is registered in Europe under a name called “Heads up Display” . With the latest personnel movements at Apple for “Project Titan” and this new patent, the Californians are showing a clear intention for an autonomous driving project to be applied to their own or third party vehicles.

In addition to projecting the information onto the windscreen, this new patent wants to go a step further and offers sensors for both the driver and the occupants. These sensors would be able to detect fatigue at the wheel, as well as heart rate or even inform us of our body position while driving to correct posture.

The information obtained would be available to all vehicle occupants, not just the driver, as this technology can be projected onto any transparent surface . The position could even be changed and the height of the projected information corrected.

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There are few patents that we find of Apple referring to vehicles or driving systems, but the few that are appearing show a great advance of what we could know in a few years about autonomous driving. At least on the part of Californians. Just a few hours ago we told you about the hiring of two new engineers, one of them from Tesla and the other from Waymo . That is, both of them related to electrical and autonomous conduction.