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Apple patents an Apple Watch with Face ID, do you hear ?

The Apple Watch Series 3 arrived with the novelty of incorporating 4G LTE connection, something that should have been seen from the beginning, becoming even more independent from the iPhone. The next step could be to incorporate Face ID facial recognition technology into these smart watches, as shown in a company patent, but will this help?

It is clear that Face ID technology has caused a furore within the company. All the rumors point to the presentation of a new iPad Pro with this facial recognition technology as well as the incorporation also in a possible iPhone SE that we could see in the event held tomorrow.

Apple patents an Apple Watch with Face ID, do you hear ?
Apple patents an Apple Watch with Face ID, do you hear ?

Such is the furore that a patent has been issued for the latest device that has not sounded like a candidate to incorporate Face ID, apart from the iPod: the Apple Watch.

With the images that we see in the patent that was issued today by Patently Apple, we can see that the system would be similar to that of the iPhone X. We will have to turn the wrist to turn on the device and look at the screen to end up unlocking, leaving aside the four-digit system that we must use now to unlock it when we remove it.

Although they do not make it specifically clear in the patent, they do name this facial recognition system several times, although obviously the cameras we see on iPhone X cannot be copied into the Apple Watch because of their dimensions. This would make Apple create a hardware with the same operation but with a reduced size.

If we stop to give our point of view of this patent, I think it would be interesting to see this system implemented, although I can’t imagine how it could be done, because putting cameras in something so small is at first sight quite complicated. Now, this would take us away from every time we take off and put the clock having to be entering the password in a small screen , because just with a look it will be unlocked.

In this patent we also see numerous sensors on the watch strap designed to basically improve the measurement of physical activity or heart rate measurements, something that we would appreciate, as many of us use the Watch to measure our heart rate and it tracks our training which falls quite short.

Do you see the viability of incorporating Face ID into the Apple Watch? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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