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Apple patents an alternative system to folding devices

According to a new patent, Apple is working on a technology to make two or more devices work in sync when they are together . A technology that would make it possible to create a folding iPhone that does not have to be folded.

The patent explains how the different devices would be able to detect the presence of others and their exact position. In this way they can display a single image across all screens, as if it were just one.

Apple patents an alternative system to folding devices
Apple patents an alternative system to folding devices

In fact, the U1 chip, which we have seen appearing on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, gives the iPhone exactly this spatial awareness. In another part of the equation we find Sidecar, the system that allows us to extend our Mac screen to a nearby iPad. Both combined make up the seed of the technology that Apple has patented.

The patent is called “System with multiple electronic devices” and shows among its illustrations something similar to an iPad with a Smart Keyboard Folio . Could this be two iPads working in unison in the future? It is possible, one as a keyboard, trackpad and touchbar and the second as a screen.

An excerpt from the patent highlights the advantage of displaying device content by working in an organized manner .

The system that Apple proposes could, through the already mentioned U1 chip and other sensors, activate a cooperation mode when two devices are close enough , joining the surface of the screens into one.

In addition, a system of “magnetic components can hold devices together in various orientations”. Something that, without a doubt, the straight frame of the current iPad Pro , and which is rumored to be the future iPhone, makes it much easier. It is also a system reminiscent of Microsoft’s future Surface Neo and Surface Duo.

According to the patent we could mix different types of devices, without the need to pair iPhone with iPhone, iPad with iPad, etc. If we add to this the universality of technologies like AirDrop we can imagine that the devices don’t even have to be from the same owner to cooperate with each other.

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This is certainly interesting information and makes us think that folding devices may not be the only option to have small devices and big screens when we need them. Let’s remember to take the information for what it is, a patent.

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