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Apple patents a wireless charging system based on Smart Cover

Apple’s patents are a constant in the news surrounding the company. Once again, Cupertino’s presents us with a wireless charging system through a Smart Cover for the iPad, which would charge the iPad by induction, but connecting to a charging dock wirelessly. The new Smart Cover would even carry solar cells to charge the iPad on the street.

Phil Schiller already announced six months ago in an interview with AllThingsD that Apple would not go for induction charging, as they saw it as somewhat pointless, as the device lost mobility as it needed to be supported on a base, and we were still dependent on a charger. That’s why he said that Apple would continue researching wireless charging systems , and that when the technology was mature enough, they would start incorporating it into their devices.

Apple patents a wireless charging system based on Smart CoverApple patents a wireless charging system based on Smart Cover

Today we learned that the U.S. patent office has issued an Apple patent featuring an induction charging system through the Smart Cover. Unlike current induction charging systems, instead of having to leave the iPad on a charging cradle leaving it unused for charging time, the charge this time would be transmitted by the Smart Cover through the magnet system.

The case would be in charge of connecting to a wireless charging base, which would be connected to the current . Given the case and the evolution of time, even an iMac or MacBook could be such a wireless charging cradle, creating a built-in symbiosis in a way that only Apple can achieve.

But Apple doesn’t want to stop there. The patent even states that this Smart Cover could even carry solar cells to charge the iPad with sunlight in case we use it outdoors.

What we are not convinced of is this method of charging by sunlight or wireless, because the iPad needs a fairly powerful charger to be charged , which still needs hours to fill its giant batteries. Nor would such an advanced Smart Cover make much sense for the iPad, since its large battery allows us a comfortable autonomy to spend the day, or several days in case we give it a more punctual use.

It would have a much more successful use on the iPhone , which is quite weak on drums, and which we use very often on the street. A case like the Smart Cover that charges our phone would be a success, but considering that when it is closed and when the solar cells are in direct contact with the sun the iPhone would be in your pocket, we do not see much future to the patent, at least as it is currently described.