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Apple patents a water- and particle-resistant keyboard

Esta patente de Apple nos hace soñar con un MacBook que sustituye el teclado y el trackpad por un panel táctil

Relatives of mine have lived through the drama. Suddenly, an oversight causes a glass of water to be poured over the keyboard of a MacBook Pro. The result: almost 1,000 euros in repairs. Consequences too great for something that can happen often. The latest patent Apple has located wants to solve it.

Apple patents a water- and particle-resistant keyboardApple patents a water- and particle-resistant keyboard

How? Well, with a keyboard whose mechanisms don’t let anything through into the computer. This would be achieved by means of the union of two mobile parts , one in the keyboard and the other in its sides, preventing the opening of holes but at the same time maintaining a good sliding of the key.

The idea would also work to prevent the entry of particles like breadcrumbs or sugar under the keyboard , which over time make the keys not behave as they should. And now that the travelling on the latest MacBook is much smaller, this problem may become more pronounced.

There are several materials and textures to carry out this system: membranes, plates, elastomer strips or even brushes. There is even talk of small jets of gas that the computer could shoot under the keys, to expel everything inside.

Apple has probably already ruled out some of these systems, but I’m sure your office labs are working on ways to make MacBooks waterproof. After learning about the connectors that seal the ports, it seems quite possible.

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