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Apple partners with Tynker to teach children about Swift using games

One of the educational trends of the moment is the learning of programming languages. It seems to be widespread that students should not only be competent in digital skills, but also should have notions of programming languages . Apple has been investing a lot of effort in education for a long time, and linking up with the future of the new generations. Now Cupertino’s team has teamed up with Tynker to teach Swift classes based on children’s games .

Apple and Tynker want youngsters to learn Swift using children’s games

Recent reports have indicated that Apple has partnered with Tynker, a San Francisco-based STEM education platform , to launch two new game based programming lessons aimed at helping children learn to code. The new Space Cadet and Dragon Spells courses are available free of charge. This partnership includes access to free teacher guides available through iBooks and two free courses through the Everyone Can Code program for children.

Apple partners with Tynker to teach children about Swift using games
Apple partners with Tynker to teach children about Swift using games

Girl learning to program with Tynker

Diversity of courses for children to learn programming and coding

These free courses, available through the Tynker iPad application , allow students to solve coding puzzles and create DIY projects using Tynker’s visual code blocks and the Swift programming language. The Tynker Space Cadet and Dragon Spells courses are incorporated into the Code 1 and Introduction to Code 2 beginner’s guides , available free of charge from iBooks. This is a declaration of intent, and of Cupertino’s interest in “alphabetizing” future generations in programming language .

In the future, not knowing programming languages will be the new illiteracy

The new courses are designed to help 5-year-olds become familiar with the syntax of Swift at an early age before moving on to Apple’s Swift Playgrounds application in sixth grade (according to the US education system). Space Cadet and Dragon Spells are introductory courses that teach the basics of programming in a fun, engaging and intuitive way, through 115 levels of coding puzzles and do-it-yourself projects.

Snapshot of one of the Swift learning games

In Space Cadet , for example, children’s students solve puzzles and complete programming challenges focused on space. At Dragon Spells, third through fifth graders learn the basics of programming as they train their dragon and collect treasures. In both courses, students learn through creative play as they solve puzzles , build projects, and animate characters.

What do you think about this initiative to help children learn programming language? Your opinion is important to us.

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