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Apple Paid U2 to Release Their Free Songs of Innocence Album

U2 received money from Apple to launch Songs of Innocence for free

Yesterday Apple presented the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as the Watch in a gala that was marked by the presence of the music group U2. This is not the first time the band has attended a keynote, in 2004 Steve Jobs presented the band together with the iPod U2 Edition, at the Apple Music Event .

According to the information of several media, the group would have released their last album called “Songs of Innocence” for free in iTunes , thanks to a financial agreement of which until now, more data are unknown. The album will reach nearly 500 million people digitally, all thanks to U2 and Cupertino’s.

Apple Paid U2 to Release Their Free Songs of Innocence AlbumApple Paid U2 to Release Their Free Songs of Innocence Album


U2 on Apple’s Keynote

Although the band had denied their participation in the Apple event weeks before, they finally attended by giving a small concert of a song near the end of the gala . The host was Tim Cook, and compliments to them, he granted the entry to the group with these words “It is an incredible honor for us to have U2 playing on this stage”

After playing the song, Bono joined Cook to, amidst laughter and comments, announce that the “Songs of Innocence” album would be free for everyone on iTunes .

In the Green Room, shortly after the Keynote, Bono said the following about giving 500 million iTunes subscribers a copy of his album, for free: “They paid us… I don’t believe in free music, music is a sacrament… This is how the artist expressed it, that although the album was available for free, they had charged for it .

Bono reappeared with Apple designers

As we talked about in a recent article, Bono had participated in the RED gala with Jony Ive and Marc Newson , a charity campaign to raise funds for the fight against AIDS. At the end of yesterday’s Keynote, we could see a big hug between the three of them and heard from the mouth of the U2 singer, defining this group as the “three friends “.

Songs of Innocence on iTunes

If we search in iTunes to see if we have the new U2 album available for download, simply we’ll see that it appears as “Bought” . You can download all the songs from the album to your device for free. U2 is a music group followed by millions of people around the world, and it is to be thanked that the company of the apple has remembered its clients and consumers to give them a historical gift. Although we can find it for free on iTunes, the group plans to release the physical album next October 14, that is, with additional new songs .

U2, a group with ideals united with Apple

Already in 2004, in the Special Music Event of Apple, with a howl Steve Jobs announced the entry of U2 on stage , previously presenting the iPod U2 Edition. Bonus with a cowboy hat spoke about music and technology , bringing out the laughter of the audience from time to time and ending the event with a song.

Have you already downloaded the new album?