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Apple opens new stores

Apple keeps expanding. Today it has opened new online sales portals and these days it is planning to open several stores in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Vancouver. Seeing the pace at which it is going, when will the stores in Barcelona, Valencia and Marbella open? Before the end of the year?

Today Apple has opened new online stores in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates. Each of the stores displays confetti in the color of each country on the cover. Citizens of these countries will be able to buy directly from Apple at a standard price. With these last countries there are now 37 online shops .

Apple opens new storesApple opens new stores

On the other hand, Apple is also planning to open physical stores in China. One is in East Nanjing, in Shanghai, which will be the largest in the country and the fifth established in China. The opening will take place this Friday.

And finally the impressive Apple Store in Hong Kong (the first one in the city and the one you see in the photo) will open on September 24th. Few more details are known about this Apple Store. There will also be a new store opening in Vancouver. Given the speed at which they are building and opening stores, when will the stores in Barcelona, Valencia and Marbella open?