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Apple opens its first official Apple Store in Australia

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The opening of the first official Apple store in the city of Sydney, Australia, was expected days ago. And after several days in which the facade was covered by a huge announcement, yesterday people finally started to line up in front of a huge Apple Store (in fact, it is the second largest Apple Store to date with 3 floors and 14,000 square meters) to attend the opening.

Héctor Galán, one of our readers, lives temporarily in that city and has had the detail to send us his chronicle with photographs included. According to Héctor, the line crossed several blocks and there were even people who spent the night in line . Luckily, the employees of the Apple Store offered drinks and encouragement to all the people who were waiting for the store to open, so the organization has been, as always, impeccable and able to keep the spirits down.

Apple opens its first official Apple Store in Australia
Apple opens its first official Apple Store in Australia

The store, like all the latest Apple stores, has a transparent glass structure that allows you to see all the bustle inside the store from the street, which is attractive to pedestrians passing by.

Héctor also confirmed that in Sydney the employees have maintained the custom of welcoming the first customers of the store with applause , praise and warm welcomes, as well as a T-shirt as a gift for attending the opening of the store. Even the journalists covering the opening were enthusiastic, as we can see in the following video:

Of course, in the shop you can find absolutely all the products of the Apple range, and the traditional genius bar with the ‘geniuses’ able to solve any problem with an Apple Macintosh. In addition, the store will be the focus from which they will show the iPhone in the world (remember that in Australia, the iPhone 3G also comes out on July 11th).

As always, the opening of one of Apple’s flagship stores has brought the media to its knees. Meanwhile, in Spain, we are still waiting for a store like this to open in Madrid or Barcelona… In Hector’s personal blog you can see more pictures of the opening. Thank you very much for sending us the information first hand, Hector!


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