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Apple Only Uses Renewable Energy in its Data Centers

According to a Greenpeace report Apple is the most environmentally friendly company

It is not new to say that Apple is a company that tries to respect the environment as much as possible . And not only they as a company, but they also work hard to make their suppliers reduce their environmental impact as much as possible. It is therefore not surprising that some of their services use 100% renewable energy , as we can see in a report published by Greenpeace.

This report on renewable energy from Greenpeace includes data from the main companies and their Internet services, including those working in the mobile space. Apple tops the list published with the report, as all its energy is 100% renewable .

Apple Only Uses Renewable Energy in its Data Centers
Apple Only Uses Renewable Energy in its Data Centers

Currently Apple has a solar farm that allows them to power their data centers located in North Carolina . In addition, the data centres located in California and Oregon are powered by wind energy. On the other hand, we must point out that among its plans is to introduce geothermal energy and solar energy in its next data centre in Nevada.

Yahoo, Facebook and Google, other companies in harmony with the environment

On the other hand, and with a much lower score than Apple, we find Yahoo in second place with a 59% use of renewable energy in its data centers, including Flickr. Somewhat below that is Facebook along with Instagram, a company that uses 49% renewable energy to run its data centers.

Google follows closely behind Facebook with 48% use of green energy to power data centers. Its services include YouTube, Play Store, Drive, Google+, Gmail and other online services from the company that millions of users use every day. From iMore they comment that Google has done business with renewable energy companies located in Oklahoma and North Carolina .

Microsoft, however, ranked midway between these companies and the worst stops in the report. Greenpeace’s main complaint about this company is that relies on the purchase of carbon offset credits and renewable energy rather than progressively abandoning polluting energy. However, it should be noted that they have an agreement in place to power one of their data centers located in Texas through wind energy.

Finally, some of the worst performing companies in this research are Ebay and Amazon . The latter scored very poorly, mainly due to the lack of transparency in the types of energy they use to power their data centres. One noteworthy fact is that the large data centre Amazon has in Northern Virginia to store its web services seems to use only 2% renewable energy .

Without a doubt, the fact that large companies such as Apple, Google or Yahoo care about the environment and try to progress to become companies that make increasing use of green energy, is a great sign and we hope that little by little the rest of the companies in the world will follow in their footsteps.

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