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Apple Online Store – Behind the Scenes

The day of a keynote doesn’t come until the Apple Online Store closes when we really start to feel like the news is coming. The “We’ll be back soon” sign indicates that something is brewing behind the scenes. Have you ever wondered what’s going on? Check out this article and find out how the people in charge of the web store are updating it and getting excited about the new releases at the same time you are!

Everyone knows about the obsessive secrecy that Apple promotes in its offices ; no other company in the world takes this so seriously. Some electronics manufacturers often purposely leak prototypes of their future products to create rumors in the market and increase the expectation. Apple, however, does just the opposite. Intellectual property and expectation are two concepts that are closely linked to Tim Cook’s company philosophy. Every time he appears on the stage to announce a new product the world comes to a standstill, and this is the result of more than just producing innovative and spectacularly designed products.

Apple Online Store – Behind the Scenes
Apple Online Store – Behind the Scenes

No expense is spared in safeguarding the company’s secrets , seeming many of the tactics taken from a spy novel. It all starts with the hiring of the employee, who may well end up working on bogus projects during his probationary period with a view to being evaluated. Once the trial period is over, it should not be difficult for you to come across moles in the design and production process, not to mention the security measures of access to restricted areas and accessibility to information that will be implemented in Cupertino. With the product already finished it is time to prepare everything so that it can start selling once the Apple CEO presents it in one of his famous keynotes .

The closure of Apple Online Stores is a clear indicator that new products are on the way down. Have you ever wondered what happens while stores are offline? Thanks to Joe Moreno, a former Apple employee in this section, we’ve been able to find out. During this time, a process takes place in which the engineers are “blind,” working without being able to observe the outcome of their tasks: the cataloguers put in a private database all the material needed to update the web shop, which will be accessible once the shop is closed and migrated in 20 minutes to the production database , which is the one that actually supports it. At this point everything is tested, being the cataloguers the only ones who can see the changes made. Once the keynote is complete, the Apple Online Store is “flipped”, back online, and its content can be viewed by everyone, including store engineers.

As Joe tells us:

Don’t you find it curious that the maintainers of the Apple Online Store see their changes to new products at the same time as we do? Security is key for a company as innovative as Apple, which bases its success not just on doing things right but on always getting there first.

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