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Apple once again reduces iPhone X delivery times

At this rate, Apple will deliver the iPhone X “for yesterday”. On this occasion, it reduces the delivery times to one week.

If we want to acquire the company’s last terminal today, we will receive it next week . A very short time compared to the last few weeks.

Apple once again reduces iPhone X delivery times
Apple once again reduces iPhone X delivery times

Thanks to this reduction in time, Apple is giving a hard blow to the speculators who buy iPhone X for resale, where sometimes, they reach crazy prices.

At the launch of the iPhone X on November 3rd (October 27th were the bookings), we saw how quickly the waiting times reached even 4 or 5 weeks of waiting . One of the main problems was a bottleneck on the assembly line.

Some of the components of iPhone X were experiencing serious delays, with some companies in charge of certain components unable to meet the demand for orders.

Apple was able to solve this problem, and the assembly line picked up speed at a frenetic pace, from 50,000 or 150,000 units per day, to over 550,000 units per day . A number that has made it possible to reduce delivery times once again.

Many users think that the delay in deliveries, is pure marketing , where the company wants to make believe that there are no units for everyone and thus make the demand grow.

The truth is that Apple and the suppliers want to sell, the more units the better. Especially to Apple, where it offers from time to time the sales of its devices in the financial results of the company . These results must always be kept positive in order to generate confidence in investors.

So if you’re thinking of buying a new iPhone X , you’ll get it in a considerable amount of time now, although this time will probably decrease even more after Christmas.

Are you buying an iPhone X? Do you think delivery times will finally stabilize?

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