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Apple Officially Presents iOS 8 at WWDC14

WWDC14: Apple officially launches iOS 8

As we could guess from the filtered images of the decoration in the Moscone West Center , Apple has released iOS8 , which still maintains the same design as iOS 7, but offers new and interesting features. Let’s get to know them!

What’s new in the new iOS 8?

One of them is called “Interactive Notifications” and will allow us to answer these more quickly from the same notification window. If, for example, we receive an SMS, we only have to click on the notification that just appeared and write our answer. It’s that easy.

Apple Officially Presents iOS 8 at WWDC14
Apple Officially Presents iOS 8 at WWDC14

Also the software keyboard in iOS 8 is getting a boost with a new QuickType keyboard that supports predictive suggestions like the Google keyboard and other third party keyboards in Android. It learns how to write to different people in different applications and also supports the new “Continuity” feature for a seamless transition between devices.

Another application that has received an interesting improvement is “iMessage” . Now, when we are in a group conversation, we will have the ability to name the thread, add or remove participants, activate the “Do not disturb” mode and leave the thread whenever we want. Interesting, isn’t it?

Spootlight has also been updated in iOS 8 to be smarter than its predecessor. If we take a look at what it did in iOS 7, it was actually quite simple, as it was only able to search for content and applications stored on our device. In iOS 8, Spotlight can provide live search suggestions for applications, Wikipedia entries, movies, songs from iTunes radio, news, and more. It’s a much more powerful way to perform smart searches in iOS.

As several reports pointed out, Apple intends to enter the healthcare industry with iOS 8 by introducing a new application called ‘Health’ . Healthcare provides an easily accessible hub for iPhone owners to store and monitor important health-related data.

It seems that Apple is betting hard to make its devices more and more functional and thanks to these small (but important) details, we are sure that iOS 8 will become the best mobile operating system.

What do you think about the new features of iOS 8? Tell us in the comments!

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