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Apple officially launches iOS 10.3 with Find My AirPods, APFS and more


iOS 10.3 .

Apple officially launches iOS 10.3 with Find My AirPods, APFS and more
Apple officially launches iOS 10.3 with Find My AirPods, APFS and more

That’s right, everyone can now download iOS 10.3 from Settings> General> Software Update or via iTunes by connecting the device to the PCMac via the USB port.

Update: You may get an error after trying to update to iOS 10.3 due to the crash of Apple’s servers. In any case, it is best to upgrade via iTunes.

This is the third major update to the iOS 10 operating system since its release on 13 September 2016.

iOS 10.3 has been in testing since January 24th, Apple released up to 7 beta versions of the mobile operating system before officially launching the software.

The iOS 10.3 version includes several quite interesting additions, small design improvements and the usual bug fixes.

Probably the most popular feature of iOS 10.3 is Find My AirPods, which has been added within the Find My iPhone application to help owners of new Apple wearables locate a missing headset.

Search My AirPods will play a sound to help users find their wireless headset. In addition, also saves the last known location from when an AirPod was connected to a device via Bluetooth. But unfortunately it cannot locate AirPods when the iPhone is not nearby.

In addition, iOS 10.3 includes a new file management system (AFPS) that is automatically installed when a device is upgraded to that version. APFS has been greatly optimized over HFS+ .

APFS will slightly improve storage capacity and include enhanced support for encryption. In addition to improving memory efficiency , a better backup mode will also be implemented.

The App Store will also arrive with changes, now developers will be able to respond to user reviews . In addition, users will be able to rate their reviews to show whether they have been helpful or not.

In addition, Apple plans to limit the occasions when an application will ask users to rate it on the App Store.

Other features available in iOS 10.3 include: options for app animation, an Apple ID profile in Settings, better use of iCloud storage, HomeKit support for programmable switches, and SiriKit enhancements.