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Apple Officially Confirms Swell Purchase

In the end, Apple has confirmed the acquisition of Swell

Finally the rumors have been confirmed and the Apple company has bought the audio streaming company, Swell . The deal was practically closed and, in fact, we announced it a few days ago, but there was still the official confirmation from both parties , which has happened recently.

Although it seems clear that the acquisition of Swell by the company of the apple is aimed at its attempt to place itself in a privileged situation within the market of radio and podcast streaming and to recover the lost ground in this sector in relation to its competitors , in the statement, through the Wall Street Journal, they simply confirm the purchase without giving more details about their plans with this company:

Apple Officially Confirms Swell Purchase
Apple Officially Confirms Swell Purchase

For its part, Swell , in addition to removing its application from the App Store, has terminated its service by sending a thank you message posted on its website , which has also been closed:

30 million dollars will be the amount Apple will pay for the purchase

The amount Apple will have to pay out as a result of the Swell purchase agreement will be $30 million . The future of the Swell workers is still uncertain, although it is assumed that most of them will give a hand, among other things, to improve or start from scratch with an app like Podcasts , owned by Cupertino’s, which needs more than a facelift.

In this regard, it is worth noting that the Swell application was rated very positively on the App Store, with an average of 4.5 stars , while Apple’s own application, which will be installed as standard on iOS 8, has ratings of between 1 and 2 stars and many fairly unfavourable comments.

As friends of appleinsider tell us, this application was available for free in the shop and offered a very simple interface, mainly designed for use inside a car, with a service focused mainly on podcasts and streaming audio from news radio stations and allowing the creation of lists and custom content.

Do you think that Apple is on the right track to offer a solid streaming and podcast service ?