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Apple offers discounts to employees who purchase the HomePod

The possibility of a new HomePod has been shared by technology analysts for months. And it is not exactly one with new features, but a cheaper one that puts it on a par with the options of Amazon and Google, currently market leaders. Now, a new move by Apple reaffirms this possibility.

This week, Apple offered a super discount to employees, specifically for the HomePod. The offer leaves the price of the Smart Speaker at $149.50, exactly one percent less than the sale price of $299.

Apple offers discounts to employees who purchase the HomePod
Apple offers discounts to employees who purchase the HomePod

With this move, Apple could be trying another way to reduce the inventory of the HomePod before an upcoming update or the final release of a similar product. With strategy they have focused directly on the main disadvantage of the device that widely praised for its sound quality, but valued at an excessive price.

This wouldn’t be the first time Apple has lowered the price of the HomePod that debuted in February 2018, to $349. About a year after the launch, the company lowered the price to $299, in a further sign that the device was not selling as expected.

Overall, analysts estimate that Apple has sold around 5-10 million HomePod units since the product’s debut, representing only 5% of sales in the accessories sector, a category in which Apple includes it for its earnings report.

According to the latest update, Apple sold a total of 2.6 million HomePod units during the fourth quarter of 2019, capturing a valuable 4.7% market share compared to previous periods, but still a small number to position itself in this apparently quite demanding niche.

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