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Apple now selling the Logitech Crayon for the new iPad

Apple gives the green light to sell the new Logitech Crayon that they presented together with the launch of the new 6th generation iPad. Unfortunately, you may not be able to buy it.

This digital pencil is only available through the education sector, both for teachers and students with a price lower than the Apple Pencil, specifically for $49.99 . We remind you that the Apple Pencil has a current price of 99 euros.

Apple now selling the Logitech Crayon for the new iPad
Apple now selling the Logitech Crayon for the new iPad

As we told you in exclusive at Apple5x1 a few weeks ago, this new accessory will not be available outside of the United States, at least for the time being Logitech indicated that it would be available internally.

This new digital pencil l more economical, is made with high quality materials and offers a friendly design. Let us remember that it is thought for a public young , so the touches of color and the material of aluminium, serve to support the possible falls or blows that the Crayon could suffer.

One of the utilities of the Logitech stylus , is that it allows to recognize the degree of inclination of the tip, but does not indicate anything about the pressure of the tip, as if Apple Pencil, which detects the pressure . At least in the technical information of the product it does not appear.

To purchase a Logitech digital pen, you need to be a student or teacher to access the Logitech channel. For now, you can only buy it in the United States, as we told you in exclusive a few weeks ago in Apple5x1 .

Luckily, in some stores, both physics and online , from time to time they are launching some offers for the Apple Pencil, so it would be the only alternative available in Spain if we want an accurate pencil for our iPad with a slightly lower price (not much either).

Would you like to try the new Logitech Crayon? Do you think it would be a better choice than the Apple Pencil?

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