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Apple now has OS X version 10.7.3 ready

Last night Apple released the new version of Mac OS X 10.7.3 for its developers. This new version is very peculiar, since it does not contain any known bugs, that is, this is very possibly the final version. That’s why many expect it to be released publicly in tomorrow’s keynote. If you want to know more about this update and what’s new, just keep reading.

Last night Apple sent its developers a new version of the software , the Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 .

Apple now has OS X version 10.7.3 readyApple now has OS X version 10.7.3 ready

This software has the compilation number 11D46 and comes just one week after the construction of its predecessor, 11D42. In this new version there are no known issues , indicating that the public release of this update is imminent . It will most likely be released tomorrow on the scheduled Keynote, according to various rumors circulating on the web.

With this new version, developers are basically asked to focus on document storage in iCloud, Address Book, iCal, Mail, Safari and Spotlight . It is estimated that this update may reach a total of 1.34GB.

Apple warns that it will not be possible to return to the previous system after this update. It is therefore recommended, as always, that you make a good backup of your Mac before starting to download the new update.

As we mentioned before, this may be the final version for developers, and may be presented tomorrow ready for public download. So far Apple has not confirmed any rumors , as usual.

To do a little information gathering , we just have to say that in this update the following new features are expected :

  • A better understanding with iCloud.
  • New languages, such as Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai and Ukrainian
  • Resolved authentication issues with directory services.
  • Fixed the problem with using smart cards to log in to OS X.
  • Fixed the problem with Windows file sharing support.

The keynote that will be made tomorrow, at 10 am, East Coast time, 4 pm Spanish time , is oriented to the educational field, therefore it would be a good excuse to present the new update and other surprises.

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