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Apple no longer signs iOS 12.2, no longer downgradeable from iOS 12.3


iOS 12.3 is the latest major operating system update for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Recently released, with this version available Apple no longer allows users to upgrade to previous versions such as iOS 12.2. It is a preventive and security measure that the company usually takes from time to time when the older versions have been updated.

Apple no longer signs iOS 12.2, no longer downgradeable from iOS 12.3
Apple no longer signs iOS 12.2, no longer downgradeable from iOS 12.3

Since a few hours it is impossible to officially install iOS 12.2 on the iPhone and iPad using iTunes. When trying to install a version of the firmware lower than iOS 12.3 the program will display an error warning that Apple no longer signs that version. In other words, can only be upgraded to iOS 12.3 or higher .

Who is affected by this? Not ordinary users , but those who want to do jailbreak to the iPhone and iPad. Since versions of jailbreak only work on older versions of iOS, many users prefer not to upgrade to the latest version from Apple in order to have a jailbreak supported. Regardless, the latest versions that support the jailbreak are still on iOS 12.2.2

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There are several reasons why Apple makes the decision not to sign older versions of iOS. In general, the main reason that sums it up is to avoid operating system fragmentation . Forcing users to the latest versions prevents them from staying with older versions or even with iOS 11 or iOS 10.

Less fragmentation means a better user experience , as it is in the latest versions where Apple polishes the system more. It also means that developers have more facilities to develop their apps and don’t have to make different versions to be compatible with different versions of iOS. But above all, less fragmentation means more security in the Apple ecosystem. iOS updates bring security enhancements to protect the operating system, and the more users who have the latest versions, the more protected they are.


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