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Apple News+, Q&A from the new digital press and magazine service

After the full day of new services we had yesterday, it is not surprising that everyone is asking questions about all the details of these. One of the main new features is the arrival of the Apple News+ service , with which users will be able to subscribe to a catalogue of digital media and magazines at a level never seen before.

So, in the same way that we have already done with the Apple Card, we are going to answer the main doubts and questions that are circulating on the networks right now.

Apple News+, Q&A from the new digital press and magazine serviceApple News+, Q&A from the new digital press and magazine service

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  • Is Apple News+ an evolution of Apple News? Not exactly. Apple News will continue to exist, and completely free of charge as it has been until now. Apple News+ is an extra, a pay-as-you-go option. Both services will coexist from now on.
  • What content will be included as a paid addition? Apple News+ allows you to access the archives of the last 3 days of the Wall Street Journal along with its recent news, as well as content from other generalist media that is widely read in the United States. There is also a catalogue with over 300 digital magazines.
  • What digital magazines are those? If you encourage people to read all of them, MacStories has a complete list of all the magazines that are (currently) active in Apple News+. The catalogue is expected to expand as the days go by.
  • What format will these magazines be in? They may be in PDF format, although the truth is that Apple has developed its own format for publishers to squeeze all the features of News+ such as animated covers.
  • Are any of these magazines in Spanish? No, at the moment all the content is in English.
  • How much is Apple News+ going to cost? $9.99 a month. You can share that subscription with up to five other people who are with you on an iCloud Family plan without the price going up, so the price per person can be as high as $1.67 per month if you make the most of it.
  • When will it be available? Right now! Apple News+ can now be used in the countries where it is active.
  • And what countries are those? At the moment, the United States and Canada. In the autumn, Apple News+ is also expected to arrive in the UK and Australia.
  • Any information on when we can see something like this in Spain and Mexico? I’m afraid there’s nothing that can be known about it yet. It’s best to think long term.
  • I’m in the United States-Canada and I want to subscribe to Apple News+. What do I need? Update your devices. You need to have iOS 12.2 or macOS 10.14.4 to access Apple News.
  • I try to open Apple News+ and it doesn’t respond, is something wrong? It seems there have been initial problems after opening, but these disappear simply by rebooting the device.

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