Apple Music y Apple News se inspiran… ¡en Windows Phone!

Little by little we are learning more details about the new version of iOS that will be released this fall. While the developers and some brave ones have already installed the beta, others will have to wait for it to make its official entry in a few months. Until then, we’ll have to be content with just knowing what’s new with eyedrops.

Looking through my notes from WWDC 2016, I saw one that had fallen into my lap. It is the new redesign of Apple Music and Apple News . When I saw them at the presentation on the 13th, I thought I had seen something similar before. When I checked it out, I saw that Apple took some inspiration from the design of Windows Phone, Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Windows Phone as (light) inspiration

Apple Music y Apple News se inspiran… ¡en Windows Phone!
Apple Music y Apple News se inspiran… ¡en Windows Phone!

It is inevitable to think that technology companies are inspired by each other. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Just look at how quickly the Android operating system acquired by Google in 2005 evolved following the launch of the iPhone OS in January 2007 . Windows Phone and its successive versions inherited the design language of Microsoft’s Zune players, bringing something genuine and new to mobile operating systems.

Microsoft’s efforts in the mobile segment may have failed and gone into the freezer, but some of its contributions will live on. This is a snapshot of the contacts app, where you can see the main features of one of their apps:

The main elements that stand out are the size of the font of the contacts app, located in the upper left corner of the screen. The second is that along the different sections , you can always feel that you can slide to the sides as well as up and down. This is achieved by Microsoft by slightly showing a bit of what is “hidden” on the side.

Now let’s look at the interface of the new Apple Music, presented by Eddy Cue and Bozoma Saint John:

We have the same two elements in the Apple Music interface: header on the left and top, sliding panels with more information. This is an inspiration that is more evident in Apple Music than in Apple News :

These are two things that can be traced back to the Windows Phone and its design language. But the rest of the design components of Apple Music and News are unique to iOS: white background, shadows, transparencies, and all the other new features introduced with iOS 7.

Apple Music and its controversial design

It’s been a year since Apple Music came to iOS. There was a lot of expectation with its launch, as it meant the full entry of Cupertino’s company into the streaming music business . However, the new Apple music service was not well received by the critics.

Confusing design, mixing of the local library with the cloud and some initial errors tarnished the good ideas of Apple Music, namely their custom recommendations and Beats Radio. With controversy from Taylor Swift included. That hasn’t stopped Apple Music from growing to 15 million paying users in its short year of life.

Apple has pushed the pause button and redesigned the service from the ground up
Por fin, iOS 10 te permitirá borrar las apps de stock de Apple que no utilices.

Building on this milestone, the California-based company has decided to launch a new design from Apple Music and Apple News. iOS 10 brings under the arm subtle improvements and design refinements designed to enhance user interaction. Both apps have a new style, in line with the one launched in iOS 7.

Those who have used it agree that these are improvements that make it cleaner and easier to move around and use the apps. We are still in the early days of the iOS beta, so there could be changes , even if minimal, in successive versions. If this new style is established as definitive, it is likely that we will see it coming to other apps of Apple’s mobile operating system.

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