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Apple Music welcomes you to the weekly custom lists

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Since its inception, Apple Music has been known for providing personalized recommendations to users through the ‘For Me’ section. Now, the service wants to go further and in the best Spotify style, it will have a new playlist called “My New Mix Music”, which is updated every Friday with new songs.

Apple Music welcomes you to the weekly custom lists
Apple Music welcomes you to the weekly custom lists

The custom list will offer 25 tracks selected based on the history of the most listened to by each user. The purpose of this feature is to connect Apple Music subscribers with more songs and artists they might like.

Although in reality this function is very similar to the one Spotify has, as TechCrunch says, we’ll have to wait a while to know which of the two applications has the best algorithm service, or in other words, which one offers us recommendations that are more in line with our musical preferences.

In addition to these recommendations, Apple Music users will also be able to view a new list called “My Favorite Mix” which is updated every Wednesday, and includes songs that users like and suggested songs that will be based on their musical tastes.

Of course, this new custom list will come with all the changes announced with iOS 10 for Apple Music, which also includes the launch of a new feature to view the lyrics of the songs we listen to live .

On the other hand, our library will appear in the first tab of the new app and the section called ‘For you’ also received a major redesign, which makes it much more attractive. Similarly, the ‘Connect’ section is still alive but will be more appropriately integrated into the ‘For you’ section and of course, Radio will also receive a major update.

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