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Apple Music, they say third time’s the charm. Will he be here to stay?

Generate playlists according to personal taste, or artists… And be able to listen to all this music in Streaming. This is a great option for finding new bands , since we work according to algorithms and according to other users’ own tastes. But the service has been crippled by not being able to expand to more countries.

It is also a problem that only iOS and OS X are available, something they seemed to learn a lot from this third attempt . iTunes Radio is not dead, but someone has already arrived to replace it, Apple Music.

Apple Music, let’s surround ourselves with people who really know about it

Apple Music, they say third time’s the charm. Will he be here to stay?
Apple Music, they say third time’s the charm. Will he be here to stay?

Apple’s purchase of Beats was a big deal. Is Apple going into headphones now? I’m sure some people thought about it. No, Apple bought an idea, some of the talent behind the company, which is reaping success after success in the music industry. We have Jimmy Lovine, Dre, Trent Reznor…

We have people who understand music and musical tastes. We have real formula radio gurus like Zane Lowe or Ebro Darden who will generate different playlists to be heard in Beats 1.

The artists behind Beats can be an incentive for others to get on the train

Because that’s what music is, heart, feeling… At least I understand it that way, you don’t always have the same mood and you don’t always feel like listening to the same music. This for me, is a point in favor of the service. But there is a point that we do not know how it will work and if it will succeed. Connect is a key point in all this and if Connect works… Everything will come together.

Have you seen Dave Grohl’s documentary Sound City? There is a moment, at the end of it, when Dave locks himself up in the studio with Trent Reznor and Josh Homme and they bring out real sparks, they compose a great song… People like this are inside the project and although it seems superfluous, it gives me hope that it will get off the ground.

And we will not deny it, it will be difficult, Spotify is there and still with all its greatness… It’s deficient . That’s why I say that the secret of Apple Music’s possible success lies solely and exclusively in Connect. A direct channel between world-renowned artists and their audiences. And what is better, between the unknown artist, his creativity and the public . I hope to find real gems in this service.

Why is it interesting for the developer to create applications on iOS when the Android market is much wider? Because of the benefits your App Store generates… Why would it be interesting for the musician to generate content for Connect when he has Facebook or Twitter with a larger number of users? For the same reason.

For me, if Connect works, if Apple (and Beats) get artists interested and generate content within the network, Apple Music will be a success. If they don’t, I predict a future identical to iTunes Ping. In your hands, yesterday’s presentation was somewhat chaotic, in many ways driven by passion, without concrete data. Drake and Jimmy came out to the stage to say practically nothing .

Only Eddy Cue, the great Eddy who always comes out to talk about music and gives us a great song (great Aretha, Respect) put some order showing us what it will be. I plan to try it, the three free months invite me to it and these three months will tell me if will be worth or not to pay the 9,99 monthly .

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