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Apple Music Student Mode Expands to 82 More Countries

Apple Music tiene un límite de dispositivos por cuenta y reproducción, pero el HomePod no suma en ese límite

A little more than a year after it arrived in Spain and several Latin American countries, the subscription for Apple Music students is about to be extended to 82 more countries . 79 of these countries will activate the service today, and the last three will do so next Monday, February 26.

Apple Music Student Mode Expands to 82 More Countries
Apple Music Student Mode Expands to 82 More Countries

This has been confirmed by analyst Rene Ritchie, who never gives out information of this kind without being completely sure about it, from his Twitter. The list of specific countries is not yet known, although it includes Portugal, the Philippines, Poland and Taiwan .

The student mode halves the subscription fee for the service, from 9.99 euros to 4.99 euros in the case of Spain. This is a good saving, although you must prove to Apple that you are enrolled in a higher education institution (at least one high school) or work as a professional teacher. Discount applies for up to four years.

As soon as the deployment to all these new markets is complete, Apple will update its service availability website and we will be able to check all the countries where students can save almost 5 euros per month. Not only is this a help for all those who have student debt (I’m looking at you, US education system), but it’s also a good way to build young user loyalty to an Apple service that continues to grow and gain ground with Spotify.

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