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Apple Music stops offering 3 months free for new users in Spain

In June 2015, Apple presented to the world its streaming music platform: Apple Music. From that moment on, we were offered 3 months free of charge on a trial basis in the United States and 100 other countries, including Spain. In countries such as Ireland, however, they only offered a trial month. From now on, however, Apple Music is no longer free during its trial period and we are being offered the possibility of trying out the service, for three months, for just 0.99 euros.

Now, the free months of Apple Music become a minimum cost

According to Apple’s website, the cost of the trial services in Australia, Spain and Switzerland will be 99 cents (in the currency of each country). In contrast, in the remaining countries , where Apple Music is available, the trial period in Apple Music remains completely free .

Apple Music stops offering 3 months free for new users in Spain
Apple Music stops offering 3 months free for new users in Spain

Apple Music for £0.99 during your trial period

What is the reason for this change?

The reason for this change is not very clear , even less considering that it only occurs in Australia, Spain and Switzerland. In the rest of the countries, as of May 14, the trial period is still completely free (according to the data in the archived versions of the Apple website).

Apple Music’s direct rival, Spotify also has the same cost as its trial period in Australia, Spain and Switzerland : 99 cents in each country’s currency.

Spotify and Apple Music logos

Do these services stop being free because of the abuse we make of them?

Why did these services go from being free during the trial period to costing 0.99? Have we “abused” these services too much with different accounts or different “tricks”? With the different possibilities of these services trying to get them for free is within the reach of almost anyone. Having different email accounts so you can create new accounts, use different cards (in case they recognize the cards already used) or stop using the service for a while so they can offer us the free service again. These are some of the tricks that these services don’t control and thus allow us to “abuse” them. All the types of “tricks” we have been able to perform , with any streaming service, are easily detectable by them, so they would be looking to make a small profit and prevent abusive behaviour from continuing .

Apple Music on Apple devices

Why is Spain on the list of countries where Apple Music is no longer free?

One of the reasons could be due to the abuse they have observed over the time we have been able to enjoy the service, as we have discussed above. Another reason could be that was a pilot test , in which Apple thought of extending this minimum price for the trial period to the rest of the countries. Apple could be trying to test how this new pricing modality works in three countries so different in terms of cultural and economic aspects: Australia, Switzerland and Spain.

If you wanted to try Apple Music for three months for free, you can no longer do so. It’s now available for three months for the low price of £0.99 Are you an Apple Music user? How do you like this change? Leave your opinion in the comment box.

Via MacRumors

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