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Apple Music now lets you search for songs by lyrics

Apple Music in Spain and Mexico continues to improve with the arrival of a feature that everyone was already claiming as is the search by lyrics of a song . This new feature has arrived in new countries as announced by the company itself on its website dedicated to support. With this feature, Apple Music users will be able to search for a song simply by writing the lyrics.

This feature was previously only present in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. As of today, users in Spain, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand and France will be able to use it, as reported by MacRumors.

Apple Music now lets you search for songs by lyrics
Apple Music now lets you search for songs by lyrics

Apple has been working on this functionality for many years and began to show signs of life in iOS 10 when the company introduced the possibility of reading the lyrics of songs. With this they began to ‘train’ the artificial intelligence to be able to recognize the lyrics of our favorite songs.

In iOS 12 it was finally possible to search the songs in the search engine itself although it was limited to some very specific countries. Now this expansion has materialized to more countries and we hope that in the future the rest of the regions will also have this function, looking especially at Latin America where olo Mexico has joined the cart of this new functionality in Apple Music.

To search for a specific song, simply go to Apple Music and in the search bar enter the specific lyrics fragment . Please note that even if you have a wrong word, the artificial intelligence will still detect the song you are referring to.

With this new feature, it’s impossible not to know what song is playing at a party because you can ask Siri to listen and tell you what it is or simply enter the lyrics into the Apple Music search engine.

Let us know in the comment box what you think of this new Apple Music feature, do you think it’s a good one?

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