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Apple Music now available to Amazon Echo users in Spain

Apple podría reducir a un solo mes el periodo de prueba de Apple Music

Tras activar la skill, se nos ofrecerá la opción de configurar el servicio como el predeterminado para escuchar música o acceder a las radios , de modo que cuando le pidamos escuchar música a Alexa reproducirá cada canción o lista a través de Apple Music. Y por supuesto, esto también incluye radios como Beats 1, a las que podremos acceder con un comando de voz. Se acabó el usar el Bluetooth para poder reproducir las canciones de Apple Music con Alexa.

Apple Music now available to Amazon Echo users in SpainApple Music now available to Amazon Echo users in Spain

Apple’s relationship with the smart speaker market is somewhat complicated. When the company launched the HomePod, it did so with the intention of differentiating it from the rest of the options with greater attention to sound quality than to Siri related features. However, its high price did not manage to convince the public, and Apple does not seem to be in favor of releasing a second version, something that would have greatly harmed Apple Music users.

Apple’s music service was one of the great exclusives of the HomePod, which allows a unique integration with it. But when the HomePod failed, Apple had no choice but to start giving in and opening up its service to other platforms, specifically Amazon Alexa. Thanks to this, since a few months ago users of the Amazon Echo, Sonos with Alexa and Fire TV speakers can enjoy all the music from Apple Music, and since yesterday also Spanish users can do it.

When the Apple Music skill was launched, it was limited to the US and Canada, and then opened up to other European countries. Now, we can also enjoy the service in Spain , so it will no longer be necessary to have a Spotify Premium or Amazon Music subscription to get the most out of the Amazon Echo. To set up the service we just need to activate the skill in the Amazon Alexa app and log in with our Apple ID.

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