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Apple Music may already have 10 million subscribers

Apple Music has just arrived and still has a lot to prove, but the first news about its performance is starting to see the light of day and is quite promising. Last week Tim Cook himself said that millions of customers had already subscribed to the streaming music service, although he did not specify any figures. Now experts from the music industry are starting to talk and it seems that Apple Music could already have around 10 million subscribers , a rather surprising figure if we take into account that it has been running for less than a month.

Hits Daily Double is one of the sources of this information. According to him, the executives of the record labels cannot yet reveal this information, but several sources have assured that 10 million subscribers is the information that Apple is transmitting to its commercial partners . In addition, the information they handle also ensures that some songs have already gotten more plays from Apple Music than from Spotify.

Apple Music may already have 10 million subscribersApple Music may already have 10 million subscribers

It is important to note that Apple Music is currently in the launch phase, so these figures do not represent benefits for the company . At the moment Apple Music is free for all users, so after the three-month free period many users could unsubscribe. We only have to look at the example of its main rival, Spotify, which has 75 million users and only 20 pay the 9.99 euro monthly fee.

In some ways it is surprising that Apple does not have more active subscribers today . The streaming music service is associated with iOS 8.4 and iTunes, so adoption has been very rapid; but even so it seems that few people have decided to try Apple Music.

Will Apple Music end up becoming a commercial success like other products from Cupertino’s company? Time will give us the necessary answers.