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Apple Music is updated in Android and its interface looks like in iOS 10

Today, t o all those Android users who use Apple Music are in luck , Cupertino’s firm has just updated its application in this operating system with important new features under a new and renewed visual aspect, which is very similar to what we can see in iOS 10.

New design in Android already introduced in September with iOS 10

Apple has just released an update in Android for all those users who use Apple Music through the operating system of the big “G” with a new design , this new tries to mimic the visual aspect that already has Apple Music within iOS. The new version 2.0 released today incorporates the interface introduced by Apple in its music service last June when it presented iOS 10 at the last WWDC.

Apple Music is updated in Android and its interface looks like in iOS 10
Apple Music is updated in Android and its interface looks like in iOS 10

A more minimalist, more practical and simpler interface for all those users who have this streaming music service. As specified by Apple itself in the new features of version 2.0, we are faced with a greater clarity and simplicity of Apple Music. New features, new functions and everything under the same “facade” as in iOS 10.

As in iOS 10, Apple Music for Android offers a cleaner look with new, better organized sections such as “Library”, “For You”, “Browse” and “Radio”. Also included are iOS 10 features such as the ability to read song lyrics and a section where Apple recommends songs to us based on our tastes and playlists.

What’s new in Apple Music 2.0 Android

A new design that brings greater clarity and simplicity to Apple Music for Android:

  • Reads song lyrics while you listen.
  • “Library.” Easily browse your music and see downloaded music that you can play without a data connection.
  • “For you.” Get recommendations on playlists, albums, and more, based on the music you love.
  • Listen to new songs and albums first, plus playlists for any mood or activity.
  • “Radio.” Tune in to Beats 1 and listen to stations for any genre.

With the redesign, Apple Music customers who subscribe and use the service on Android and iOS devices will have an optimized experience. Apple Music has been available for Android devices since November 2015, and remains one of the only Android applications Apple has developed to date. What is clear is that Apple has adapted to the pace of updates in the operating system of the competition, because all these new features are available in iOS and macOS since last September.

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