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Apple Music Has New Earth Day Playlists

For several days now, the App Store has been sporting a beautiful green colour and is full of sections related to the environment and the planet, all of this on the occasion of Earth Day celebrated today, April 22nd . But that is not the only thing Apple has done to celebrate this special day, they have also taken the opportunity to launch new playlists at Apple Music.

By now, everyone knows about Apple’s concern for the environment and for making the company as sustainable as possible. So it’s no wonder they want to celebrate Earth Day in style .

Apple Music Has New Earth Day Playlists
Apple Music Has New Earth Day Playlists

Here are more details about these new playlists that Apple has included in its streaming music service , which have been available for several days now. So let’s not dwell on it and see what kind of music you can find on the different Earth Day playlists .

The American company has presented its new collection of Apple Music playlists as “the perfect soundtrack for Earth Day” . This new collection consists of a total of 5 different playlists containing a wide variety of music and artists.

In these lists you will find songs by Coldplay, James Bay, The Beatles, Adele, Bob Marley, Alex Ferreira and many more . The five special Earth Day playlists are as follows:

  • Celebrating Mother Earth. In this list you will find music from artists who pay tribute to nature with a series of incredible songs.
  • Power Off. Playlist that includes contemplative songs for when you’re looking to relax.
  • From the Roots. From the Roots, a mix of classics from the most representative artists of rock and its acoustic guitars.
  • Recycle: Covers. A selection of legendary songs and melodies that have been given a new twist. A playlist that will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • What better way to pay homage to nature than with songs that celebrate the wonder that surrounds us? This fifth list includes a selection of alternative Latin artists who sing to nature, songs that are perfect for celebrating Earth Day.

The Earth Day playlists will only be available from Apple Music for a few days , so don’t wait a second longer to enjoy the different songs that make up the playlist.