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Apple Music for Amazon Echo arrives in UK and Ireland

Smart speakers have been seamlessly integrated into millions of homes around the world. Being able to control lights, appliances, play music and access information with just the power of your voice is almost magical .

In Spain, the Amazon Echo, Google Home and the HomePod have been available for a few months now. Each of them stands out in a particular field, although the Echo is undoubtedly one of the most popular , especially because of all the advertising that Amazon has done for television and the rest of the media.

Apple Music for Amazon Echo arrives in UK and Ireland
Apple Music for Amazon Echo arrives in UK and Ireland

The Amazon Echo has a large catalogue of compatible services, including applications for playing streaming music. Beyond Spotify and Prime Music, Apple Music is also available in the United States, although is gradually expanding its borders and has already reached the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The arrival of Apple Music at the Amazon Echo does not take us by surprise . As Pocket-lint says, a month ago Amazon UK announced that Cupertino’s service would arrive in the next few weeks.

All residents of Ireland and the United Kingdom with one of these speakers, and who subscribe to Apple Music, will be able to play music on them and on Fire TVs. To activate it, simply download the skill from the Alexa app for iOS or Android and enter our credentials.

We can give these devices voice commands like “Alexa, put Beats 1 in Apple Music” or “Alexa, play the song (song name) in Apple Music”.

It is not yet known when the integration of this Apple service with the Spanish Amazon Echo will arrive, but we may know something in the next few weeks as the rate of expansion is being quite fast, and it could be a way for more users to be encouraged to try it out.

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