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Apple Music and its 2-year history

On June 30, 2015, Apple Music began its journey in more than 100 countries, and introduced itself to music lovers with a question: Can Apple streaming beat the giant Spotify? Two years later and 27 million active subscribers later, the answer to that question is not a resounding yes, but it is much closer than ever. As Apple Music has grown over the past 24 months, the service has taken what works like Beats 1 with its most famous DJs, streaming catalogue or custom playlists and given it a boost.

In 2017, Apple Music remains the service that was launched in 2015: for the user the best of it is based on the integration with his music library with iTunes. It is still a paid service, unlike the free one with Spotify advertising. But there have also been changes, improvements and errors that have marked the evolution of the service. Apple Music has evolved like this. We see it.

Apple Music and its 2-year history
Apple Music and its 2-year history

When Apple released Music, it offered playlists and albums, personalized suggestions based on your past history, and the ability to listen to your iTunes library; the story line is still that, but has been augmented with weekly personalized playlists of new music .

The Apple iCloud music library that began to combine your streaming tastes with your previously purchased music. And that’s still the backbone of Apple music, and why so many users are subscribing to it – intelligent playback publishers that are constantly learning what people like and don’t like. But it’s not perfect: On the one hand, the service’s weekly mixes are still too whimsical and this is also true of the supreme leader, Spotify. All streaming music services have problems with our tastes, partly because they use computer and mathematical algorithms to select favourite music. It’s just a matter of learning more about how to match our music style.

It seems that for iOS 11, playlists can be shared in real time, so that we can know what a user is listening to at the moment and that without hesitation it can be used to find inspiration if we are just right. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Apple Music and its 27 million subscribers will not end with Spotify and its more than 50 million users , but after these 2 years we can say that it has made its place and it seems that it will go up even more. Do you use Spotify or are you from Apple Music? We want to know in comments.