Apple Modifies AppleCare+ for Battery Replacements

Just over a year ago, we announced that AppleCare and Apple’s technical support would undergo major improvements. Now the U.S. company has modified AppleCare+ with changes related to battery replacements for individual devices.

Just a few days ago, Apple updated the terms of its AppleCare+ Protection Plan extended warranty to extend coverage and allow users to replace their mobile device battery much sooner than before . The new AppleCare+ policy states that the company will replace the battery or the entire device if “the battery capacity of the covered equipment remains less than 80% of its original charge capacity” .

Apple Modifies AppleCare+ for Battery Replacements
Apple Modifies AppleCare+ for Battery Replacements

The users who will be able to benefit from this modification of the AppleCare+ conditions are those who have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and now also an Apple Watch . But that’s not all, they have also done the same with the AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac computers, including the same conditions for those who have a MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Apple will replace the battery if it is below 80% of its original capacity

This new threshold is a very significant increase because AppleCare+’s policy previously allowed iOS device batteries to be replaced only if their charge capacity was less than 50% of the original capacity.

For Mac computers, the AppleCare Protection Plan has until now covered only the replacement of batteries that have a manufacturing defect. Now with this update, extended warranty service also includes replacement of batteries if they are less than 80% full .

This battery change will not involve any cost for the user, as long as he has contracted this extended warranty plan, is within the coverage and his load capacity is below 80%. In addition, the AppleCare Upgrade also includes batteries that are not covered under the extended warranty, although there is a replacement fee of approximately $129 to $199.

The new replacement program included with AppleCare includes non-removable batteries for various MacBook models, as well as all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and the new Apple Watch. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the company announced some time ago that the Watch’s battery would be replaceable to extend its life.

The policy is valid for devices purchased on or after April 10, 2015

TechRadar is pleased to announce that the new AppleCare+ extended warranty policy is now in effect and only users who purchased their device after April 10 of this year will be able to enjoy it .

As you can see, Apple continues to make improvements to its devices to provide the best possible service. And this change in AppleCare+’s policy for improving the battery change conditions of all Apple products is a major step forward that is sure to be welcomed by a number of users.

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