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Apple modifies App Store policies with harsh penalties

Privacy has always been one of the strengths of Apple , so improvements are still being made to prevent applications from dealing with their users’ data.

As a matter of urgency, they have modified the privacy policy of the App Store , where they prevent developers from accessing the data in your address book to market the data obtained.

Apple modifies App Store policies with harsh penaltiesApple modifies App Store policies with harsh penalties

This really is difficult to control, but Californians add stiff penalties to avoid the temptation to market with user data. This doesn’t mean that all apps do this, far from it, but if you want to avoid your expansion on those that did this kind of action.

One of the measures Apple adds to the App Store rules is that any evidence of data traffic with any app inside the app store will be immediately removed , and the Apple Developer Program developer account may even be deleted.

This measure does not prevent applications from not being able to access the user’s data, much less the address book, but it does prevent them from continuing to warn the user about it. In addition to telling them what they want to use it for, but never to market it.

These measures come after the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandals, where Apple criticized the few social network measures that allowed third-party services to access user information and sold them to third parties.

Apple is quite jealous of the privacy of its customers, where it has shown on several occasions how important it is for them the privacy of its users. So with these new measures they are taking a further step towards this commitment.

What do you think of this measure from Apple?