Apple mistakenly puts the Lightning Adapter in iPhone 5

The new iOS device connector is called Lightining , and it is intended to stay with us for a few years. It’s a much smaller and stronger connector, and its design has been key to reducing the thickness of iPhone 5.

However, many users have complained that will no longer be able to use their old 30-pin sockets for mobile charging or USB data transfer. Either they buy a new connector, or an adapter that does the conversion between the two formats.

Apple mistakenly puts the Lightning Adapter in iPhone 5
Apple mistakenly puts the Lightning Adapter in iPhone 5

There are two converters, one for each direction . For example, we will need a different one to be able to use old accessories on the new iPhone 5, than to charge a 4S or an iPad with our new charger.

Well, for a few hours it appeared on the iPhone 5 ordering website that Apple was going to include this adapter in the box that came with the terminal. This way we could continue using all our accessories with 30-pin input.

What is suspicious is that once we bought the smartphone, he suggested that we buy another adapter exactly like it to accompany our first purchase. It took a few hours for Apple to announce that this was a mistake , and that the iPhone 5 will not include this converter as standard. It will have to be purchased separately, costing around 30 euros.

In any case, it seems that the use of the adapter was limited to loading the terminal, transferring data and connecting to some peripherals such as speakers. However, if we made use of it we would not be able to use the HDMI or VGA converters that we had previously purchased.

Are you planning to buy this adapter for your devices?

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