Apple meets with Sony and Paramount

¿Es Chrome OS un rival duro para Apple?

A día de hoy, no se conoce a ciencia cierta las intenciones de los californianos. En una primera instancia, se podría pensar que los de Apple quisieran lanzar algún documental concreto sobre la empresa. Pero por otra parte, existe otra posibilidad de que la firma llegué más lejos, a través de una plataforma llena de contenido propio .

Apple meets with Sony and Paramount
Apple meets with Sony and Paramount

Finalmente nos tocará esperar para conocer en más detalle las intenciones de los altos ejecutivos de la compañía. ¿Qué piensas de la nueva estrategia audiovisual de Apple?

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When we talk about the meetings in which Apple is involved, they are usually related to approaches and business with other countries or companies in the sector . A few months ago, we saw Tim Cook meeting with the Japanese government itself, due to the large investments that Cupertino’s are currently making in Asian territory.

On this occasion it is somewhat more unusual, as Eddy Cue would have met with different positions from the studios of Sony and Paramoun t. We’ll tell you more about that.

For those of you who don’t know him, Mr. Cue is the Apple company’s senior vice president of software and services. As reported in the New York Post, Apple’s vice president would have held meetings with the Sony and Paramount media production companies . Unfortunately, the reasons for these meetings and the topics discussed are not yet known.

Perhaps, Cupertino’s will aim to form a new service , similar to the one being carried out by companies such as Netflix or HBO. Surely, those of the apple will try to get out some original audiovisual content , typical of the company.

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