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Apple Medical Device Expert with iWatch in mind

It seems that Apple is taking the development of iWatch seriously when it comes to health and physical activity. Both the smart watch and the rumored Healthbook application, which is expected to come with iOS 8, are receiving special attention so that they can become reliable and rigorous reference devices or applications.

The Cupertino team would try to avoid launching a device that incorporated a technology with shortcomings, superficial or with doubts about its reliability, as we have already had the opportunity to see with other companies, and would try to offer a complete product, backed by a prestigious development team , with professionals sufficiently accredited in their respective fields.

Apple Medical Device Expert with iWatch in mind
Apple Medical Device Expert with iWatch in mind

One of these professionals who has just moved onto Apple’s payroll is Divya Nag , an emerging figure within the medical device community and who has become the latest addition to the company’s medical technology team.

Apple continues to recruit great talent to work, supposedly, on iWatch

He presents an amazing resume for his age. She was a co-founder of Stem Cell Theranostics, a company dedicated to the testing of stem cell drugs . In addition, she created a company called StartX that is specialized in consulting and start-up services for new companies in the area of medicine with specific resources for this sector.

She has numerous research articles related to science or health and was recently recognized for her achievements in the field of medicine in the annual awards given by Forbes magazine to the 30 outstanding people under 30 years old.

This new addition is preceded by other more or less recent additions made by Apple to its iWatch and health application development teams. Among others, we can highlight James Foster, who came from a chip design company, with experience in miniaturization , crucial for the development of wearable devices.

Another addition was Kevin Lynch, former CTO at Adobe, an experienced software designer who is currently working side by side with iOS engineering and interface design departments. Or Jay Blahnik, a fitness expert who worked with Nike on the development of the Fuel Band.

The list is quite long and very diverse with signings such as the design director of Nike , an engineer from the company C8 MediSensors, another medical technology hardware engineer or an expert in biosensors and wireless communications.

As Appadvice tells us, the arrival of Divya Nag with its extensive experience in managing product launches, its recognition by the Food and Drug Administration and its collaboration with major medical companies, could be vital for the development of iWatch and the Healthbook application . Apple intends to make its rumoured clock capable of monitoring parameters such as blood sugar levels, sleep patterns or blood pressure .

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