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Apple may still be working with five different iPhone 7 models

Mac Daily News

I mean, it doesn’t mean that Apple is going to release five different iPhone models next year. What we mean is that Apple is still not clear which technologies to include in the next generation of iPhone. As you know, this will be a leap in design and functionality, as the current version is an improved version of the previous one where the external design has not been modified.

Apple may still be working with five different iPhone 7 modelsApple may still be working with five different iPhone 7 models

We’ve been talking about it for several weeks now, whether it will be waterproof, whether it will have a mini-jack connector, whether it will have a built-in touch ID sensor. We may see all these new features or just some of them, since Apple seems to be working with several prototypes at the same time .

Some would have a USB-C connector that would allow us to charge the terminal or connect our headphones. Others would have the option of wireless charging, others would have the Home button and touch ID sensor integrated into the screen and there could even be the case that we see an iPhone with Multi 3D-Touch .

The reason for this is that Apple is still undecided about which technologies to include as there are several factors that can influence. The first is implementing it correctly to achieve the best user satisfaction and the second is its suppliers being able to supply them with the necessary technology so that everything is ready on the day of its launch and there are no delays.

Let’s remember that at the beginning of the year we suffered a veiled delay of the Apple Watch that was due to problems when manufacturing the “Taptic Engine”, which caused that when Apple was planning to launch the Apple Watch for Valentine’s Day, it had to delay it.

What do you think the next iPhone will look like?