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Apple May Start Manufacturing iPhone 5S in March

Peter Misek, analyst at Jefferies , said in a note to investors that two prototypes of future Apple terminals are being tested. According to Peter, at least one of them will be the one called 5S, while the other could be the rumored low-cost iPhone.

Apple could start manufacturing the successor to the iPhone 5 in March for presentation in June or July

Peter Misek predicted in December that Apple would release an update to the 5 this summer. The analyst also believes that Cupertino’s will present a new generation model, known as iPhone 6, which will have a 4.8-inch screen.

Apple May Start Manufacturing iPhone 5S in March
Apple May Start Manufacturing iPhone 5S in March

Regarding the iPhone 5S news, Misek speculates that production may start in March, just when there is a small slowdown in demand for the 5. The company is expected to sell 44 million handsets in the current quarter, which is well above the average of 30 million units.

Like other analysts, Misek believes that the apparent decline in component orders for iPhone 5 is not related to reduced demand. Instead, he believes the cuts are related to three factors:

  • The bottleneck that occurred on the assembly line when the inventory of components for the Christmas period was increased.
  • Preliminary production planning for the next terminal in March
  • The possibility that demand has not increased, simply remains in line or slightly below the most optimistic expectations.

While Misek expects the 5S to be launched around June-July, he also believes that Apple is planning to launch a low-cost model aimed at emerging markets such as China. Such a device would already have the green light.

In his opinion, a more economical device would increase the apple’s smartphone market share, but would also decrease the company’s gross margins. Misek does not expect the rumored product to affect the company’s share price.

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