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Apple may renew the entire Mac range in October, according to Mark Gurman

Keynote 7 Septiembre 2016

According to related sources, the company will introduce new versions of the iMac desktop, a new MacBook Air with a USB-C port, and a separate 5K resolution display, which was manufactured in collaboration with LG Electronics. In addition, Apple could also present a thinner MacBook Pro , which would have a new design on its keyboard, as it would finally have an OLED touch panel that would be located on top of it.

Apple may renew the entire Mac range in October, according to Mark Gurman
Apple may renew the entire Mac range in October, according to Mark Gurman

Gurman says the iPad software update will be launched next year, while the entire new Mac range is expected to hit the market in October , with Sierra MacOS, which would be available at the end of September. Of course, the apple company refused to comment on this.

Apple would choose to introduce a renewal of the Mac range to keep the line’s sales figures stable, even as PC sales continue to fall sharply.

iPad Pro software enhancements

Apple may focus the iPad software enhancements to give the Apple Pencil more power on the device. Gurman said the company is considering allowing users to take notes in different applications of its operating system, including Mail, Safari web browser or iMessage, which would allow users to get more out of the iPad Pro pen . Please note that Apple currently only supports pen functionality in applications specifically developed for it.

Let’s get engines ready for September 7

Apple has already shared its press invitation confirming that it will make a new keynote on September 7th. The renewal of the Mac range will not be presented during this date, but we will have several interesting news. Of course, we all expect to see a new iPhone, with a design very similar to the previous ones, only with the elimination of the jack connector and an increase in autonomy and performance. In addition, it is possible that Cupertino’s firm will present the second version of the Apple Watch , which will come with GPS and a battery that could offer a longer autonomy.

The event will take place at the Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on September 7 at 10:00 AM local time , which translates into 7:00 PM Spanish time and midday Latin American time. In a week we will know if all these rumors are real and if we will have a new Mac lineup.

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