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Apple may present the iPad 3 revision next week

Imagine for a moment that next October 23rd the iPad Mini is indeed presented. At that time, everyone would be satisfied with the presentation and could be said to be the star of the event . In addition, some new models of the iMac or MacBook Pro could be presented for the enjoyment of all users.

However, today we learned that it is quite likely that Apple will also present a revision of the third generation model . Indeed, it is the new iPad that came out only seven months ago, and which would be ready to return to the market with its completely redesigned guts.

Apple may present the iPad 3 revision next week
Apple may present the iPad 3 revision next week

Some of those changes would be those that iPhone 5 already enjoys. We refer to the global LTE connectivity or the Lightning connector for charging and data transfer . We assume that these are things that Apple would have wanted to include from the beginning in its third generation iPad, but that they were not mature in March 2012.

The prices will obviously remain the same. Storage capacity will also remain the same, starting at 16 GB for the $499 WiFi model. Thanks to these changes, it is also rumored that the terminal could reduce its thickness by a few millimeters , although this will not be noticed much.

What do you think of this review? Is it time for Apple to renew the guts of its iPad 3, or should it wait to launch a future fourth-generation model next year? We assume that the current tablet owners will not be very happy with such frequent changes that improve the performance of their newly acquired terminal.

Personally I think this rumour is quite possible . It’s the kind of thing that makes this new Tim Cook’s Apple. Next Tuesday 23rd we will get out of it.

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