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Apple May Owe Over $8 Billion in European Taxes

Apple does not end its European tax battle, as we told you in Apple Pays 318 Million Euros for Tax Fraud in Italy the story of the Cupertino’s and the European Union continues. All thanks to their way of business in countries like Spain or Italy where part of their business in these countries is transferred to Ireland . With the aim of avoiding taxes.

The investigation that the EU extended, on the investigation of the taxes in Ireland, is the one that could require from Apple those 8 billion dollars . As we told you at the time the final result could be delayed until February, today it seems that the European Union is closer to making a decision. We tell you everything below!

Apple may have to pay $8 billion in taxes

Apple May Owe Over $8 Billion in European TaxesApple May Owe Over $8 Billion in European Taxes

Apple would have to pay this payment if the European Commission (EC) finds problems with corporate tax policies in Ireland . The Bite Apple company is one of the multinationals that have been thoroughly investigated for tax evasion in recent years in Europe. The EC began the review of its taxes in June 2014 and formally accused the company of receiving illegal state aid from Ireland three months later.

Apple earned 64.1 billion dollars in profits between 2014 and 2012, of these profits it could be obliged to pay a 12.5% tax on that profit , its current rate is 1.8%, this depends on the result of the investigation. The resolution is expected to be released in Brussels in March, before the Irish elections.

Apple and Ireland promise to appeal the ruling

Cupertino’s owns numerous subsidiary companies in Ireland to pay significantly lower taxes outside the United States, when it earns about 55% of its income. If this were true Apple would show that even the biggest ones do anything to earn even more.

As this is still an investigation nothing has been signed, Apple continues to deny the allegations. Moreover, both the company and Ireland promise that they will appeal the European Commission’s ruling in the event of any negative outcome.

As we told you at the beginning, last month Apple agreed to pay 318 million euros in Italy to end the investigation that accused it of hiding the profits generated in Italy through a subsidiary in Ireland, seeking to reduce taxes and save 879 million euros between 2008 and 2013.

This news, which has been commented on in MacRumors, joins the chain of news of this type that we see about the main companies worldwide. Do you think Apple is guilty of what it is accused of? What do you think about companies of such a high caliber doing this type of strategy?