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Apple may launch two new cases for the next iPhone

The time is approaching when a new iPhone will see the light of day and more rumors are appearing every day. Perhaps the best known is the one about the redesign of the terminal; its screen is expected to grow to 4 inches, which would mean that the dimensions of the smartphone would grow accordingly. At Apple, they know how important the accessory market is in general and the case market in particular, so they could have got to work.

More wood on the fire of the rumor around Apple . If the redesign of the future iPhone was almost an open secret and yesterday the first images of the sleeves for the supposed iPad from 7″ were leaked, now it’s the turn of the corresponding ones for the smartphone of the bitten apple.

Apple may launch two new cases for the next iPhone
Apple may launch two new cases for the next iPhone

Apparently, Cupertino may be planning to give birth to two new cases to accompany the iPhone’s growth spurt. The first one would be a larger traditional bumper , while the second one would be something completely different , not so much because of its design but because of its concept; hence the speculation that it could be used as a base. Am I the only one who has thought of a small Smart Cover?

With the release of the iPhone 4 in 2010, Apple entered the sleeve business , giving rise to the arch-name bumper . Without a doubt, its success has been in protecting the terminal in a way that had not been seen before without hardly affecting its careful design, which has made it a point of reference for other manufacturers.

Today for many users, the huge amount of accessories available for the iDevices is a great attraction and therefore a great asset when assessing a future purchase. A glance at the Apple Store is enough to see that the offer is at least varied: wristbands, cables, bases, headphones, car accessories and even some designed to be used with a particular application. If we refer to third party products, it would be impossible to count them directly

For now, we can only wait for the theorist September 12th to know what will happen, but everything points to a renewed range of accessories to come.

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