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Apple May Launch iPod in New Colors on July 14

Apple has just released a new update of iTunes to version 12.2 that has not left anyone indifferent, and that is that along with it many users have seen something “strange” in the promotional images. iTunes 12.2 contains images of various iPod models already known, but in colors that are currently not sold by the company, which makes one think that it could launch them to the market very soon.

A few days ago we raised the question of whether the arrival of Apple Music could mean the end of the iPod. However, Apple still seems to be betting on its music player and in a few days we might see new colors to choose from.

Apple May Launch iPod in New Colors on July 14Apple May Launch iPod in New Colors on July 14

Initially, one would expect these iPods in new colors to be launched in September. However, in the Calendar icon on the main iOS screen of the iPod Touch appears on Tuesday July 14th . Will this be the day chosen by the company for release?

Dark blue, gold and pink would be the new colors of the iPod

The images in the new iTunes 12.2 feature an iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle in three new colors, which would be darker blue, gold, and brighter pink . But the thing doesn’t stop there, as the images also include another very important detail, which is nothing more than a reference to the release date in the Calendar app icon on the iPod Touch, set to Tuesday the 14th.

Coincidence or not, next July 14 falls on a Tuesday and it is very likely that it is not a simple coincidence , especially if we take into account the marketing strategies established by Apple over time. Without going any further, in all the promotional images of the Apple Watch the date of Monday 9th was reflected, and the event of its presentation took place on Monday 9th March.

The same goes for the iPhone 6, which also appeared on the screen on Monday 9th and the Keynote of its presentation was produced on Monday 9th September 2014 . So, everything seems to point to the fact that that Tuesday 14th corresponds to next July 14th.

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Earlier rumors already pointed to a possible upgrade of the iPod

Last April AppleInsider reported that the US company would update the iPods during this year . Another reason to think that the launch of the new colors is the fact that the image of the iPod Touch will be shown with iOS 8, although it will be updated to iOS 9 when it is released in September.

On the other hand, they point out that the iPod Touch in the image does not have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which suggests that the new model would not support Apple Pay . As far as iPod nano is concerned, everything seems to point out that this model will not receive a software update.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that there is a possibility that these images, the date and the operating system may be a wrong model from Apple’s marketing department. But if we take into account that the company takes care of every single detail with every single thing it does, it doesn’t seem very likely that it is a mistake.

So we’ll have to wait a little more than a week to get out of the way and see if Apple finally surprises us with new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle available in other colors . Do you like the colors Apple would have chosen to update their iPods? Which one would you have put?