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Apple may launch augmented reality glasses in 2020

We have already talked about the importance that augmented reality will have in the not too distant future, indeed, there are applications that bring this technology into play today within many iPhones and iPads. What has attracted attention is that it is rumored that Apple will release by 2020 a device that is believed to be an augmented reality glasses and also with its own independent operating system called ‘rOS’.

The technology is at a point where it has to move forward and Apple knows this, we have already seen it in some changes or features never seen before like Face ID which is the future of biometrics technology, but the reality, unfortunately, is that Cupertino’s company is not doing as much innovative stuff as it used to.

Apple may launch augmented reality glasses in 2020
Apple may launch augmented reality glasses in 2020

As for the augmented reality glasses made by Bite Apple, the Californian company says they will have them ready by 2019 and that they will be able to start marketing them as soon as 2020 begins, but they also say that the launch date may vary depending on many factors since they have never made anything like this before.

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Some Apple employees are making use of HTC Vive , an augmented reality mechanism while working on something similar with the company name and at the same time compatible with the iPhone’s screen and other devices from the American manufacturer, but always with financial purposes that benefit the brand as such and nothing else.

Recently we heard in an interview as said by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, that the technology to carry out the manufacture of a mechanism, either glasses or headphones, of augmented reality does not yet exist today to manufacture a device at the level of the company’s standards .

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