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Apple may launch a hybrid touchscreen computer

¿Nuevos MacBook a la vista?, los envíos se alargan hasta la WWDC 2018

El nuevo producto se encontraría dentro de una nueva familia dispositivos y ejecutaría un sistema derivado de iOS. A su vez iOS comparte muchas características con macOS. Por lo que es posible que para 2020 Apple estrene una especie de sistema universal que una ambos sistemas: iOS y macOS.

Apple may launch a hybrid touchscreen computer
Apple may launch a hybrid touchscreen computer

Este dispositivo de momento es solo un prototipo y puede que solo se utilice par pruebas internas. O todo lo contrario y sea un Mac que veremos en unos años. Ojalá tengamos más noticias pronto.

¿Qué opinas del Proyecto Star?

One of the big changes expected in the Mac universe is the arrival of ARM processors. That is, the processors that Apple uses in the iPhone. We’ve been hearing rumors for many years now and it seems that their arrival is near. Mainly due to the great power they have shown in the last few years. The power of the A11 Bionic is amazing.

Macs have been using Intel processors since 2006. In 2010, the original iPhone 4 and iPad were introduced, the first devices with processors made by Apple . Since then, the A-brand has evolved to compete head-to-head with the power of many computers.

The logical step is for Apple to include these processors in its computers. We know what Cupertino likes to control everything and making Mac processors too would make the dependence on Intel disappear.

According to new information this new Mac is already in development under the so-called Project Star. It is currently in the prototype phase. These prototypes are currently being manufactured by Pegatron, one of Apple’s partners in China, which also makes some Apple iOS devices. A small number of units have already been sent to Cupertino for Apple employees to test. These prototypes have been in production since at least January this year.

There’s not much information on what the device might look like. What is known is that it has a touch screen, a SIM card slot, GPS, compass, is waterproof and also runs EFI. EFI, Extensible Firmware Interface, is the boot system used by Macs . This leads us to believe that Project Star could be the first ARM-based Mac. However, it is not expected to come soon, 2020 seems to be the release date of this device.

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