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Apple May Launch 55- and 65-inch iTV by the End of 2014

Analyst talks about 55- and 65-inch iTV by the end of 2014

Masahiko Ishino a Japanese analyst has revealed a report stating that Apple would be thinking of launching an iTV by the end of 2014. This analyst says that they would have 4K resolution and would be available in two sizes: 55 and 65 inches. He also claims that it would be around $2,000. This is a rumor that has been going around in crescendo for a few years now.

The rumor of the launch of a TV by Cupertino’s people comes from far away. Steve Jobs, the late founder of the company, had already stated that they had been working on a television but had abandoned the idea. However, new rumors and agreements with production companies like Warner, made these rumors come back to life. Tim Cook, current CEO of the company, stated that it was a field they were working on .

Apple May Launch 55- and 65-inch iTV by the End of 2014
Apple May Launch 55- and 65-inch iTV by the End of 2014

The initial idea was to create a quality device, with a design with hardly any margins and that could interact perfectly with the company’s other products , thus integrating itself into the ” ecosystem ” Apple.

Lately the rumors are starting to sound much more strongly, in just one month, two reports are talking about this possibility. The first one we are dealing with here and it talked about a television with the same characteristics that this analyst declares, an ultra-high resolution screen and two sizes: 55 and 65 inches . This last report comes from Macrumors and completes the information with new details. The new device could be assembled by the same company that assembles the iPad and iPhone, Foxconn.

The new iTV could have 4k resolution and Samsung processor

In addition to their competition, LG, Samsung and Corning Inc would be the suppliers of the screens. Specifically, LG would be in charge of the iTV panels, Samsung of the processor and would carry the Gorilla Glass 3 to protect it. If we start to think about it, we could consider LG’s LEFT panels as the ones chosen for this product line. These panels provide a very high quality with a very low power consumption. Currently, Samsung sells two models with the same specifications and size as the ones Apple plans to sell.

As we said yesterday, the lack of update of the Thunderbolt Display and Apple TV could bring this new product closer to the market. Many are the consumers who bought these products tempted by the quality of the American brand. Moreover, if the expected price is confirmed, some 1,500 and 2,000 dollars for the different sizes respectively, would make many others, despite not being Applelovers, acquire this iTV since currently 4K panels in these sizes are much more expensive .

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