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Apple may introduce a new iPad mini soon (according to Kuo)

The iPad mini could make an appearance at the next Apple event, on October 30th. This is what Kuo says in a new statement, among other new devices.

This news will surely have surprised you as much as it did us, because although we are very fond of the iPad mini, Apple seems (it seemed) to be letting it slowly die.

Apple may introduce a new iPad mini soon (according to Kuo)
Apple may introduce a new iPad mini soon (according to Kuo)

We have already commented on several occasions, Kuo usually has a fairly high success rate, not so much in the dates, everything must be recognized. You can’t have everything in this life.

iPad mini 4 and its split screen

The big surprise for this Apple event will undoubtedly be the bet on a new and renewed iPad mini . The iPad mini is a device that should remain on the shelves of the Apple Store. Especially if you can use it with a digital pen, either an Apple Pencil or a Logitech Crayon .

The iPad mini maintains a perfect size, practically the same as a small notebook from which we go to work meetings or to take notes. This size is ideal for introducing it into our daily life or, in other words, to use it as our “chores” notebook.

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There are no further details yet, but it will probably offer an internal update to match iPad 2018 at least. As for the design, it would be too adventurous, but following the new line from Apple, I could remove the Touch ID to make way for the new facial recognition . Although we insist that all this is venturing without objective data.

What does seem to have more weight, is the design of the new iPad Pro (or iPad just), in which we will see a breakthrough design change, with very thin biases and frames, maintaining symmetry and with a series of considerable improvements. Of which we hope that a possible iPad mini will offer these new features.

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What do you think about Apple announcing a new iPad mini? Do you think it makes sense to offer a terminal like the iPhone XS Max?

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